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Guidelines for Prayer

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Guidelines for Prayer

Are you uncertain when to pray with your Kin or even how to pray?  Did you know there are circumstances in which you should be wary of “using” prayer? Let’s look back at the guidelines Barb shared with us during training to get our answers.



When to Pray

  • It seems natural rather than forced.
  • It is requested.
  • There is a sensed need for prayer and the person is open to it.
  • It seems appropriate in the conversation.

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Cautions to Prayer


Be wary of “using” prayer in the following circumstances:

  • Praying out of your need rather than out of the need of the person being visited.
  • Using prayer as a technique to help you end the visit or to avoid talking through concerns or feelings you are uncomfortable exploring.
  • Using prayer to manipulate the person into seeing or thinking about an issue from your point of view.
  • Using prayer to avoid silence and the discomfort that often accompanies silence.

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How to Pray

Ask permission.

Build the prayer together. Ask “what would you like to pray for today?”

Invite them to offer a prayer. Ask if they have a favorite prayer or scripture passage.

Use ordinary, down-to-earth language.

Include all feelings that may have been shared.

Many forms are appropriate: spontaneous prayer, scripture, common prayer such as the Lord’s Prayer, reflective silence that is shared.

Pray for your relationship.

Link the person visited with the faith community. Share special prayers that your faith community is praying that week.

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