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Remembering Your Kin Through the Holidays

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Remembering Your Kin During the Holidays

While the holidays should be a joyous time, for those who find themselves homebound and alone, it may unfortunately be one of the loneliest periods of the year. At the same time, the demands of the busy holiday season put a stress on your schedule.  So how can we show our Kin they are loved and valued through the holidays without a lot of extra work, time or money.  Below are just a few ideas.



During your next volunteer meeting bring a stack of Christmas cards. Have your volunteers write a personal message in a card and address the envelope. All that is left is to drop the cards in the mail.


Involve the Youth

Following a church service or during a Sunday School class, have your youth make Christmas ornaments. When finished, have the students or volunteers place them in an envelope and address it to one of your Kin. The packages are now ready for mailing or personal delivery with your volunteers.


Prayers Please

Put together a list of those from your congregation who would benefit from prayers.  Send the list to your Kin and ask them to help by praying for those on the list during the Holidays. Remember to use large print.


Help Us Decorate

Ask your Kin to create a tree decoration for your church Christmas tree.  Mail a picture of the decorated tree and a thank you card to each Kin that provided a decoration.


Church Festival

Does your church have a yearly festival that revolves around food? Include your Kin in the festival by delivering a plate of treats. This is a perfect opportunity for volunteers that like short term commitments,  ask them to deliver small plates of food to each of your Kin.



If your Kin can’t make it to church and it is desired by your Kin, arrange for someone to bring communion during the holiday season.