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Your Kin and the Holidays

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Volunteers Remembering Your Kin During the Holidays

The holiday season is just around the corner and soon you may be feeling the pressure of getting it all done.  So, how can you help your Kin enjoy this holiday season without a lot of extra time?


Plan Ahead

Take a few minutes to write out, address and stamp a Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years card now. All that is left is to drop them in the mail as each holiday approaches.


Involve Your Kids or Grandkids

Want to spend time with your kids or grandchildren, but also want to spend time with your Kin?  Do both by bringing your kids or grandchildren along to the Kin visit.


Send Flowers

A fresh bouquet of flowers can brighten anyone’s day. Arrange now for flowers to be delivered the week of Thanksgiving or Christmas.


Wrap Presents

At an upcoming visit, help your Kin wrap presents for their loved ones.  As they hand them out, they will remember the special time you spent together to prepare the gifts.


Call Your Kin

Busy schedules, bad weather and illness often keep us from visiting as often as we would like.  So pick up the phone and give your Kin a call.  A few minutes on the phone lets your Kin know that you were thinking of them.


Holiday Goodies

Does your Kin have a favorite holiday treat? Help your Kin participate, in the taste of the holidays, by preparing a plate of their favorites.  Make the treats ahead of time and throw them in the freezer, then they will be ready for delivery at a moment’s notice.


Christmas Letter or Cards

During an upcoming visit, help your Kin write and address their holiday cards.  Leave the cards so all the Kin needs to do is add the stamps and drop them in the mailbox.



Take a few moments to help your Kin decorate for the holidays. A few decorations, around their home or room, can help brighten their spirits and make them feel part of the festivities. After the holiday is over, don’t forget to help take down the decorations.



If your Kin loves Christmas carols, sing with them or find other ways for them to enjoy the sounds of the season. CDs, DVDs, web-based, streaming, and online music makes carols readily available for your Kin to enjoy.


Arrange a Visit

Does your Kin have a loved one that lives far away or someone they never get to see?  Arrange for them to receive a Facetime or Skype call from their loved one during one of your planned visits.


Celebrate the Reason for the Season

If your Kin is physically able, attend a religious service together.



If your Kin desires it, ensure they can receive communion during the holiday season.