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Sticking Together in the Brokenness

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Sticking Together in the Brokenness

“And yet, we all have this lovely embedded idea of putting on our Sunday best, which is entirely antithetical to the honesty of the brokenness that we all experience in our lives…. we are embedded so deeply with the goal to present our best self whatever that looks like. So it is hard, it is hard for me and for many people to share the brokenness of their lives, because we haven’t all done that very well, we haven’t trained ourselves to hear one another in our brokenness and to have the trust in one another to share and to have someone who will just stick with you in that brokenness.  We (BeFrienders) want to be about building the trust, to say yes we will stick with you.”

Christy Hallenbeck-Ask, Pastor at Spirit of Joy on BeFriender Ministry

Listening to Pastor Christy’s interview on SD Public Radio, we are reminded of the power in the training we received through BeFriender Ministry. We are reminded why our role as Kin Ministry volunteers and leaders is so important in the lives of others. Take some time to listen to Christy’s entire interview and reflect on the positive impact you have made on your Kin and your Kin on you. Be reminded why you signed up to be a Kin Ministry volunteer and what your training calls you to do.