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Working with Volunteers

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Did You Know – Working with Volunteers

You couldn’t do what you are doing without them, but sometimes working with volunteers can be challenging. Volunteers are individuals with their own attitudes and behaviors sometimes creating situations that can be challenging.  Even the well-intentioned volunteer can create situations that become a problem.  So how do you work with a challenging or difficult volunteer behavior, attitude or situation?

Working with Challenging and Difficult Volunteers

1. Identify and understand the most difficult volunteer types

The Non-Profit Times outlines the most difficult volunteer types according to John L. Lipp in his book “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Recruiting & Managing Volunteers”

2. Be aware of the Myths

Sue Vineyard shares in “New Competencies for Volunteer Administrators,” 8 Myths About Difficult Volunteers.

3. Learn healthy ways to handle a difficult volunteer

Read through and practice the techniques suggested by Carey Nieuwhof’s in 5 Healthy Ways to Handle a Difficult Volunteer. She also shares some scenarios you may find helpful.