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How to Recruit Volunteers

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Did You Know – How to Recruit Volunteers

Volunteers are essential for your ministry, but finding them can be a challenge.  Volunteer recruitment is a critical activity for Kin Ministry leaders.  Finding the right volunteer is even more important.  Today we take a look at how to recruit volunteers and then next time we will focus on where you might find them.

How to Recruit Volunteers

1. Develop a Recruitment Team
Gather key members of your staff and congregation to create a volunteer recruitment team. Ensure the team has all the information they need to be effective in their role.

2. Focus on Your Message
Use a compelling message. Make it short and simple, but also direct, while communicating the need for volunteers. Don’t forget to describe what will be expected of the volunteer and to point out the benefits the volunteer will receive.
Volunteer Recruitment Messaging

3. Benefits to Volunteering
While you are seeking volunteers to benefit your program, it doesn’t mean there are no benefits to the volunteer. Things like making a difference, using their skills and talents to share God’s love, meeting others in the community, learning a new skill, meet new friends, working for a cause they believe in and helping others can all appeal to a volunteer.
Benefits of Volunteering

4. Ask
People like to be asked to volunteer. A personal face to face ask from a Kin Ministry leader or volunteer is the most effective. You can also spread the word by adding a section to your website, use your social media account, or add it to your newsletter and bulletin.

5. Layout Next Steps
Whether you want your volunteers to fill out a questionnaire, complete an online form or contact your church office; it is important to be clear about what an interested person needs to do next to be considered as a volunteer.

6. Sometimes “No” isn’t “No”
Sometimes a “no” means “not now”. If offered, listen to why a volunteer is telling you no. Often times what they are really saying is no, now is not the time. If this is the case, don’t be afraid to ask them again in the future.
When a Volunteer Tells You “No”

7. Volunteer Experience
Are you giving your volunteers what they need? Volunteers, who are educated, supported and understand why their work is important find value in their work. Volunteers that feel needed and appreciated stick around.
22 Top Tips to Increase Volunteer Support and Retention

8. Leave a Position Unfilled
Sometimes we get so worried about filling our volunteer roles that we accept anyone. When we take this approach, we are often left with the wrong person for the position and a list of problems that come along with the unsuited match.

9. Discernment Process
Ask questions, more questions and still more questions. You can start with the discernment questions provided to you during leadership training. Meet face to face. Pray about your decision and for your prospects. Be prepared to turn away a prospective volunteer that isn’t a good match.

10. Risk Management
Consistently following your organization’s risk management plan is a key to protecting your Kin, volunteers and your organization.