Did You Know

Empty Cup

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In this edition of Did You Know, we will again go back to our volunteer training and recall what we learned about Empty Cup. If you have your workbook, you can turn to page 8 to review the notes you took on emptying your cup.


Did You Know – Empty Cup

Sandy has softball practice, Jon’s school project is due tomorrow, Wendy needs to go to the doctor, the dishes are stacked in the sink, you forgot to set out the meat for supper and work is crazy. You scan through your mental to-do list as you head out the door to connect with your Kin and as you do the list just keeps getting longer. With all of this racing through your mind, how can you possibly be a listening presence for your Kin?


As we make connections and build trust with those we visit, it is imperative that we become mindful of being fully present. The first step is taking time to prepare ourselves for a visit. During your training you learned the importance of creating space in your cup as part of your preparation.

Reflect on the following questions:

1. What do I remember about the Empty Cup?
2. What tends to fill my cup?
3. How has my cup impacted my connections?
4. Have I been taking the time to create space in my cup before, during and after a visit?
5. How can I continue to create space in my cup in order to be fully present with someone?

The process of emptying your cup gives you space to be with your Kin. To be fully present with our Kin, we must attend to the person we are visiting.  

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