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Where to Recruit Volunteers

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Did You Know – Where to Recruit Volunteers

Last time you received 10 steps on how to recruit volunteers. Did you develop a recruitment team or review your risk management process? Are you ready to take a look at where to recruit volunteers.

Where to Recruit Volunteers

1. Regular Church Publications

Use your church bulletin and newsletter to share the volunteer opportunity. Take advantage of the bulletin insert provided to you in the Sharing Kin Ministry Materials.

2. Church Social Media Accounts

Post the opportunity on your church social media accounts.

3. Church Website

Post on your church website. You could also include the FAQ template provided to you in the Sharing Kin Ministry materials.

4. Mass Email or Text

Take advantage of email and text messaging to share with a large group quickly and easily.

5. Announce It

Make announcements at services, educational sessions and meetings. These can be great opportunities to share the Kin Ministry video.

6. Word of Mouth

Current volunteers are powerful recruiters. They are committed to your cause and believe in your mission.

7. Invite them to an information session

Some Kin Ministry leaders find success in inviting potential volunteers to a get to know Kin Ministry session. Consider providing lunch or snacks.

8. Send out a Mass Mailing

Put together an informational packet and mail it out to everyone within your congregation. This can be an expensive option, but some people need to be able to touch and hold the information, they like to be able to refer back to it as they contemplate their decision.

9. Hang Posters

Use the posters provided within the Sharing Kin Ministry materials to not only educate your congregation but begin recruiting volunteers.

10. Create a Bulletin Board

Put together a bulletin board to promote Kin Ministry. Use the board to share news about your ministry as well as your volunteers. Include pictures and pockets that contain information on Kin Ministry and volunteering for your program.

11. Church Bulletin and Newsletter

As discussed earlier, these resources can be used to get out the initial information on Kin Mininstry and the need for volunteers, but they can also be used as an on-going education and recruitment tool. Consider running a regular column featuring Kin Ministry. You can focus on the Kin to help your church get to know them as well volunteers and their work.