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Preparing for Volunteer Inquiries

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Did You Know – Preparing for Volunteer Inquiries

Many volunteers will likely seek additional information prior to deciding to volunteer. It is important to have a process in place for handling these initial inquiries.

Managing Volunteer Inquiries

1. Initial Volunteer Contact

The first point of contact for your potential Kin Ministry volunteer is crucial to whether someone becomes an actual volunteer. This person needs to to be very knowledgeable and welcoming. During this initial inquiry be ready to provide clear information about Kin Ministry, the volunteer role, time commitment, and expectations as a volunteer as well as the volunteer selection process.

2. Church Website

Use the Kin Ministry FAQ template, provided to you in the Sharing Kin Ministry materials, to build out a webpage on your church website, where volunteers can go to seek additional information. Don’t forget to include a link to provide the volunteer with contact information or a volunteer application.

3. Information Packet

Provide volunteers with an informational packet about Kin Ministry via mail or email. Be sure to include; information about Kin Ministry, a volunteer job description and your volunteer application form.