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Why Train Your Volunteers

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Did you know that volunteers who understand what is expected of them do a better job and feel more satisfied in their role as a volunteer?

Reasons to Train Your Volunteers

Set Expectations

  • Training your volunteers sends the message that there is a minimum standard that you and your congregation expect them to uphold. Additionally, volunteers who have the same training will perform tasks and respond in a similar manner.


  • By training your volunteers, you are making a statement that your Kin Ministry program is professional and capable of the important work of your visitation program.

Develop a Sense of Belonging

  • In addition to getting to know the people within your program, volunteers also appreciate the time, effort, and expense that goes into a solid training experience.  Knowing the training was done for their benefit makes them feel valued.  Completing the training makes them feel like they have done what it takes to call themselves a Kin Ministry volunteer.

Build Confidence

  • Training gives volunteers the tools and skills to confidentially perform their assigned tasks. It gives the volunteer confidence in their ability to go out and make connections with your Kin.

A “Weeding Out” Technique

  • Volunteers who commit to and complete training are more likely to live up to their connection commitments