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Silence in Conversation

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“The word LISTEN contains the same letters as the word SILENT.”

-Alfred Brendel

Silence is Golden

Did you know it is a good thing for your conversations to have moments of silence? Silence, a form of non-verbal communication, can have a positive effect on your Kin relationship and can serve several purposes:

Full Attention: Waiting to be sure your Kin has finished shows that you are focused on what they are saying.

Share Completely: It gives your Kin a chance to add additional important information. It may give your Kin the reassurance to reveal something they were reluctant to share.

Time for Reflection: It gives you a chance to reflect on the information shared by the Kin and helps prevent misunderstandings.

Time to Think: It forces you to think twice about how you want to respond.

Silence is a normal part of the conversation, don’t feel pressured to fill the silence.  Allowing time for silence can be a powerful tool for a deep and meaningful conversation.


Leader’s Corner

Use this game to reinforce the concept of silence.  Volunteers will learn to let the speaker finish speaking and themselves to finish listening before speaking.

Count to 5