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Why Tracking Connections on The Kin Ministry Platform is Important

By September 24, 2019 November 14th, 2019 No Comments

Karen Lampe teaches us in “The Caring Congregation” that “In order to give excellent care, it is so important to build a recorded history.  This history will help the caregivers remember what has been offered and what might still be in order for care.  Missteps can be avoided and good decisions are more likely to be made to achieve the best care.”

Lampe goes on to say ” Everyone must be on board with communicating about what has happened so that no one is duplicating efforts.  Dates and participants in the care should be recorded.  Also important is the need for clear understanding about the confidentiality that is required around each situation.”

Reasons to Use the Kin Ministry Platform

For the Volunteer

Help Your Church Leaders: This is the number one reason.  Even if you don’t want to track your visits, please do it for this reason.  Volunteers who regularly use the platform to record their visits save their leaders valuable time, time that could be spent with someone in need. When leaders spend their time chasing connection information, they are not spending time in ministry.

  • Communicate Urgent Situations: Use the “urgent button”. in the notes section to quickly and easily notify leadership of an urgent situation.
  • Notes Section: Use the notes section to keep your Kin of having to retell their story and to show you care by remembering those things important to your Kin.
  • Accountability: When did you really make that last visit?  Your Kin is counting on you; receive visit reminders when it has been too long since a visit was recorded.
  • Confidentiality: Document your visits electronically in a secured location, with no paper records of visits floating around.

For the Leader

  • Ministry at a Glance: Real-time dashboard view of the state of your ministry
  • No one left behind: Automatic alerts when a Kin is being left behind.
  • Notes Section: Keep abreast of each Kin by reading the Kin notes section.
  • Prove You Care: Address claims that you didn’t give care to your congregant.
  • Urgent Alerts: Receive alerts when your volunteers indicate someone is in urgent need of your attention.
  • Accountability:  Provide monthly accounting of your ministry to your board, congregation, and community.
  • Time Saver: See at a glance who is in the most need of your attention, no more eating up valuable time that could be spent with a Kin by chasing paper and making calls.
  • Providing a Transition: Where there is new leadership, within your church or Kin Ministry program, you can quickly and easily get everyone up to date.

Leaders review these reasons with your volunteers at your next team meeting.  Often times when volunteers understand the importance of doing something, they are more likely to follow through on completing the task.