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The Holidays and Your Kin

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Did you know not everyone looks forward to the holidays?  Amid the parties, gifts, cheery songs and good wishes, many people dread the holidays and are feeling more lonely than ever.  I know what you are thinking, summer just ended, I am trying to get back into the swing of the fall season and you are asking me to think about the upcoming holidays? The holidays tend to sneak up on us and are often very busy, which is why we need to be proactive and prepared to connect with our Kin through the holidays.

Five Ways to Connect Over the Holidays


  • One of the easiest ways to make your Kin feel remembered during the holidays is to send them a card with a short hand-written note.  This month create or purchase a Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year card.  Take a few minutes to write a message, address and add a stamp to the cards.  Then add calendar reminders to mail the cards about 2 days before you would like your Kin to receive the card.


  • This isn’t in everyone’s budget, but if it is in yours, arrange to have flowers delivered to your Kin over the holidays.  You can make the arrangements now so you don’t forget during the holiday rush.

Share the Taste of the Holidays

  • During your visit(s) this month, make a point of discovering your Kin’s favorite holiday treat.  Then, over the next few weeks, whip up a batch of their favorite treat and store them in the freezer until it is time for delivery.  It is important to note any dietary restrictions your Kin must follow before delivering food to your Kin. Imagine how excited they will be to know you remember their favorite holiday treat.

Extra Visit

  • One way to help your Kin combat loneliness over the holiday is to make an extra visit or two.  Your connections don’t need to be long, just enough to let your Kin know they are special to you and that you desired to spend some extra time with them

Make a Call

  • The holiday season is busy.  We know extra visits aren’t always possible, you may even have trouble getting your regular connections completed.  A phone call can be a great solution.  Plan to take 10-15 minutes to call and connect with your Kin over the holidays

The holidays are busy, so no matter how you decide to connect with your Kin during the holidays be intentional about it, plan it out and add it to your calendar. The important thing is to connect.