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Giving Thanks for Your Generosity

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I recently attended training provided by Thrivent Financial called Engaging Generations Through Generosity.   During this training, they talked about the 5 expressions of generosity. As the presenter defined each expression it struck me just how generous you are in your work as a Kin Ministry volunteer. Kin Ministry volunteers fall into each of the 5 expressions of generosity.


Hospitality is defined as kindness.  Each time you visit a Kin and show them unconditional love or provide a non-judgmental presence you are being generous.

Emotional-Relational Support

Each time you make an intentional effort to be involved in someone’s life, to be a compassionate listener or to offer your support you are being generous.  Your work with Kin Ministry is a perfect example of the generosity expression called emotional-relational support. It is simply defined as being there.


We have heard the stories about the volunteer who grabs a small gift for their Kin, something they know their Kin will enjoy.  We know about the cards you send, the devotions you pick up, the cups of coffee your purchase and so many of the other gifts you give to your Kin. You don’t have to, it is not expected, but we know you are providing gifts to your Kin.  It doesn’t matter how big or small, your gifts are an example of you being generous.


This definition of Volunteering/Service reads just like the job description of a Kin Ministry volunteer and is just another example of your generosity.
Did you know that the Independent Sector reports the value of a volunteer hour is $25.43?

Monetary Gifts

Whether you donated to your churches Adopt-A-Kin campaign, paid for the gas to get to your Kin connection, or have given up a chance to work overtime you have provided financial resources to your Kin Ministry program.  This is just one more way you are being generous in your work with Kin Ministry.


Your generosity to those you serve is remarkable.  During this season of thanksgiving, we want to be the first to recognize you for your generosity and thank you for your commitment to those you serve.  I hope you will take some time this month to reflect on how you have positively impacted your Kin through your generosity.  Thank you for giving so much to those around you!


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