First... please read the details about hosting a satellite location.

Who is eligible?

  • Any church or organization who is a member of Kin Ministry or the Good Samaritan Society.
  • A satellite location is required to have a minimum of 3 people registered to attend at their location, prior to the training close date.
    • All individuals attending the training, through a satellite location, must be present in the same classroom
  • Each location must identify a location host.  This person is responsible for:
    • Being the contact person for Kin Ministry
    • Organizing the set up of the equipment at your location
    • Ensuring materials are received prior to the event
    • Serving as a host, at your location, the day of the event.
  • Each location will be required to provide attendance numbers and in some situations class rosters.

Conference Technology

  • We will be using a Zoom conference for the training·
    • Zoom is free for you through our training invite.
  • Minimum Web Stream System Specs
    • 4GB of Ram
    • Windows 7 or MAC OS X 10.12
    • Latest Version of Chrome or FireFox Browser
      • We cannot support Internet Explorer
    • 12-15 Mbps Download Bandwidth
    • HDMI or DVI Out to video
  • Prior to training, there will be a mandatory meeting to ensure quality audio and video performance at your site.  Audio and video quality are the responsibility of the host site.  Locations that do NOT attend this meeting may not receive the link to the training event.

The Schedule

  • Registration
  • Housekeeping – share what the attendees need to know about your location (bathrooms, elevators, food, share something about your location)
  • Training begins promptly at the indicated start time
  • Breaks – As the host, we ask that you help your attendees keep track of time.
  • Throughout the event, especially as groups are working, we ask that you assist participants in staying on task.


  • Training materials may be part of a training class.  Sometimes you will be asked to print and provide the resources and other times we provide the materials.
  • Training materials, please give these to the participants as they arrive for the training.

Meeting Room

  • You will need a large screen that everyone can see
  • The trainer will give instructions prior to any small group interaction. Your participants will follow the same guidelines for sharing. It may be helpful for you to walk around the room and observe the groups to ensure they understand the guidelines.
  • The trainer will behave as if the tables in your classroom are tables in her physical classroom. Attendees will be asked to participate.

Catering (Optional)

You may choose to provide snacks and drinks during training.  It is not required and is completely up to your location.


Provide any feedback for improving future satellite events.

When requested, complete a follow-up survey after the class.

Host Responsibilities

As a host for your location, your responsibilities include:

  • Advertising the event at your location
  • Registering all participants
  • Keeping registered participants informed
  • Attending the mandatory test session prior to training
  • Providing class numbers (including numbers of staff, volunteers, community members in attendance) and in some situation class rosters to Kin Ministry at the completion of training.
  • Ensuring your classroom audio and visual work in your training room.
  • Assisting participants in staying on task and completing any group activities assigned by the presenter.
  • Providing training handouts when provided by the instructor
  • Providing constructive feedback at the end of the session.


When learning event offers professional accreditation the location must be sure attendance sheets or verification forms are signed by participants and sent back the indicated event leader.

Second... Please fill out the form below to host a satellite training at your location!

Apply to be a satellite host for one of our accredited events.
  • If you desire to register for multiple events, you must fill out a separate form for each event.
  • What is the best phone number to reach the host for this location?
  • If different from the physical address.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.