Manage, measure, and optimize your Ministry.

Outreach volunteers, prepared with their new education in listening and pastoral care, also have access to the Kin Ministry platform. Our platform helps you confidentially communicate within your ministry team and larger congregation.

Get Notified

The platform engages volunteers and leaders while ensuring that you Kin don’t fall through the cracks.

Let us help you stay notified.

Record Confidentially

Confidentiality and simplicity is important! Recording a connection takes seconds from any device, and will always remain confidential.

Start recording today.

Personalized for Each Kin

Each volunteer and Kin have unique needs and preferences. Personalize how often and how those you serve would like to connect.

Organize and personalize your ministry!

Mark as Urgent

Building a circle of care, where volunteers and leaders can support one another, and confidentially notify each other when the need arises.

Confidentially manage your visitation ministry.