Why Kin Ministry

noun: kin; definition: one’s family and relations

We are in the midst of an isolation and loneliness epidemic worldwide. It’s more important than ever to embrace new solutions and foster meaningful relationships while sharing God’s love. It’s time to reimagine our care ministries and build new connections with our “kin” who are becoming isolated.


Loneliness, living alone and poor social connections are as bad for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

Via apa.org


More than half of older adults 75+ live alone, increasing their risk for social isolation and negative health outcomes.


Lonely individuals have a 64 percent increased chance of developing clinical dementia.

Our solution

is to empower our faith communities dedicated to providing care. Through quality training experiences we give confidence to volunteers to become a better listening presence in the lives of others. Through technology we offer a simple approach to organizing visitation with much larger number of volunteers throughout your community.

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